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Satyen Raja Founder &CEO WarriorSage.jpg

Satyen Raja

Founder & CEO of WarriorSage, Author of Transcendent CEO

Andrew Marshall is an extraordinary coach and guide... I consider Andrew one of the most genuine, skillful, and integral coaches I’ve ever had the honour to work with.

Don Stoner Headshot.jpeg

Don Stoner

Owner of Lone Wolf Jiu Jitsu, 
FSBJJ Vancouver,
and Founder of ThriveM3

I have done many coaching programs and working with Andrew has been the most impactful program I have done. 
Andrew has helped me reach a new level of my personal growth that I had always hoped for, 
but did not know how I would arrive. 
In the sessions, he took me through his process of healing old wounds and truly feeling, and not suppressing, my emotions. I am still working with him and have done over 10 sessions. 
If you’re looking to hit a new level in business/financial, athletic, or personal success and happiness, I would definitely recommend getting on a call and setting up a plan. 
Thanks again, Andrew. 
Big thanks for all you have done for me.


Ismat Ismael

Business Operations Specialist

Andrew has been my instructor in the Accelerated Evolution Program for a few months now. I have learned so much from him in this program! The program is very powerful and impactful! For example, Andrew took me through an Aspectics session, and I had a life-changing moment!

The session was focused on a part of me that didn’t feel heard by my romantic partner. I would feel so frustrated when that happened! The session with Andrew showed me that my inner child was still unhealed. I had done work in the past with my inner child, and I thought I had healed and embraced him. What I discovered with Andrew allowed me to truly connect with my inner child for the first time. It was deeply moving! One session did what many of hours of therapy couldn’t…my inner child has been healed and integrated.

I highly recommend Andrew and the Accelerated Evolution Program!

Michael Foster Headshot.png

Michael Foster

Department of Homeland Security Area Commander (Retired) & Practice Administrator/Co-Owner of Pohala Clinic PC

Andrew is an amazing coach who surprised me in the best way possible for the five coaching sessions we did. I was expecting to dive deep into the nitty-gritty of the medical business world leadership arena. Instead, he invited me to step into the arena of my inner world and the hidden dynamics keeping me from attaining my true potential. With the skill of a master coach, Andrew facilitated a safe space with exercises that changed me for the positive as a leader and a man. Thank you, coach Andrew!

WhatsApp Image 2024-01-03 at 8.27.30 PM.jpeg

Michael Marks

Territory Manager at Transcendia
Founder and Host of The Mark of Men Podcast
Jiu Jitsu Athlete 

Andrew Marshall is more than a jiu-jitsu coach or a life mentor; he's a catalyst for transformation. My journey with Andrew began with a desire to enhance my jiu-jitsu skills, and in just a few sessions, his expertise elevated my technique remarkably.

However, what truly sets Andrew apart is his holistic approach. Attending his men's retreat in Hawaii was a pivotal moment in my life. His guidance and unwavering support helped me navigate through personal obstacles and discover a path to growth I never thought possible.

Andrew's philosophy of 'Embody the Practice' resonates deeply. He doesn't just preach it; he lives it. Through his coaching, I learned to embrace this ethos, igniting a profound shift in my personal development.

Investing in oneself can be daunting, especially when trusting a life coach. But with Andrew, it's different. He creates an environment of trust and empowerment, fostering growth and authenticity in every individual he mentors. Working with Andrew isn't just about refining your skills or setting goals; it's about discovering your most authentic self.

If you're seeking guidance, empowerment, and a true catalyst for change, Andrew Marshall is the mentor you've been looking for. Embrace his teachings, embody the practice, and unlock the most powerful version of yourself.

Zach Carlsen.jpeg

Zach Carlsen

Human Design Coach

Andrew is a man who I trust with my life. He is the living embodiment of what he teaches—no fluff, no facade, no feel-good BS. He is real and helped me target the specific places that were holding me back from my next level of fulfillment personally and professionally. 
I was asking, “How can I be so self-aware and yet so stuck?” He helped me cut through all the noise and find answers. He is generous, grounded, and extremely skilled in this work.

James Freeman President PIR-a Corp._edited.jpg

James Freeman

Environmental Consultant & Entrepreneur

Andrew and I have worked together for a number of sessions. Immediately I felt a strong resonance with him- I appreciate how he is not only able to conduct valuable processes to dissolve my barriers, but that he is also open to sharing the relevance of the issues that we are discussing as it pertains to his own life. For me, being able to relate to him and the efforts that he has applied to his business, relationships, and spirituality makes it more personal, and more real, and allows me to go deeper and further than I would otherwise.

Jordan Gardiner.jpeg

Jordan Gardiner

Finance Professional

The last year working with Andrew has been very helpful for me. I have spent the last several years working with the divine mother Ayahuasca. This medicine has been a tremendous teacher for me. 
Andrew has helped me integrate as I come back and work on all the teachings I have learned. 
I am in an intense profession that takes a lot of energy daily, and Andrew has helped me slow down and have tools to help as I continue along the path. 
I highly recommend Andrew as a coach. He is very knowledgeable and genuine. 

Shanti Ryan.jpg

Shahnti Ryan

Personal Trainer & Yoga Teacher

The 5 coaching sessions I received from Andrew Marshal in the last two months were absolutely life-changing. Two months ago, I felt lost and confused. I felt called to harness my natural gifts and move my life in the right direction but I needed help sifting through the static that my fears were projecting so I could clearly listen to my intuition and confidently course-correct my career. During every coaching session, Andrew masterfully crafted a loving container that supported profound personal growth and provided a safe space that ensured powerful choices could naturally flourish. I may have started my coaching sessions lost and confused but emerged on the other side deeply grounded in confidence. With the help Andrew provided, I now know the exact direction my life is traveling and the precise steps I will take in order to secure the future I was born to create. 

Cole MacCara_edited_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Cole MacCara

Owner at ColeMacFitness

Through just 5 weeks and five 90 minute sessions with you, I was able to go from feeling stuck, depressed, insecure and anxious about myself, my recent health diagnosis, and what I was doing with my life, to starting a new chapter in life with starting my own business feeling empowered, healthy, strong, and proud of who I am and what I have to offer to the world. Thank you so much for what you do!


​This is my second time working with Andrew. 
Over these last 10 sessions he was able to help me take some big strides in the development of my business, and really helped me realize my true potential for greatness. 
Andrew kept me accountable and enabled me take huge strides forward. 
I think the biggest thing Andrew helped me with was getting back to my most natural sense of self and way of being. 
This is helping me show up authentically and energized for my clients, colleagues, friends and family. The breadth of wisdom this man has to offer is truly enlightening. Thank you Andrew for everything you do! ​


Tyler Morgan

Owner at The Morgan Home, Father, Jiu Jitsu Athlete

I went into the sessions thinking Andrew was metaphorically going to be the shoulder I would cry on while being a supportive listener.  
This was nothing of the sort.
I had not heard, seen, or experienced the techniques that were implemented during our sessions. 
Andrew extracted trauma from my body during each session which he then spun it like a Rubix cube solving it and putting it back in my chest where it dissolved and erased. I would have never guessed this could have happened until it did. 
During my sessions, we attacked multiple areas in my life that I carry unreasonable levels of anxiety. 
He had me host a session where I talked to my anxiety and discussed how it was formed, and how at one point it served to protect me but had maybe stuck around too long.
Andrew walked me through a meditative state helping me resolve lingering defensive mechanisms, and it truly helped resolve the triggers. Roughly two weeks later I recognized I had completely forgotten to feel anxious during times when I normally feel extremely anxious.
It’s like my anxiety had just melted away.  
Truly profound. I’m still stunned and will be an advocate for this program for life!

WhatsApp Image 2024-04-03 at 10.19.33 PM.jpeg

Seth Hudi

Manufacturing Operations Analyst- The Boeing Company

I was struggling with a divorce and I wanted to be able to come out the other side a better man and father. After working with Andrew, I now have the mindset and the tools to be able to achieve my goals, and ultimately find happiness in this next chapter of my life. 
Andrew’s coaching was a very powerful experience, and I will continue to use what I learned in our sessions to work hard, and truly embody the practice.

John Sylvester

John Sylvester

Husband, Father
Co-Founder at Kindred Jiu Jitsu, Jiu Jitsu Black Belt
Internet Sales Manager at Carter Subaru

When I started working with Andrew I was down bad. Trapped in a hole of despair and deep fear. 

The more I tried to climb out the more loose dirt would land on me as I fell back in… Up until the day Andrew offered me a branch so that I had something firm to grab onto. 


I should point out that I was already well accomplished in life. 53 years old, devoted husband of 26 years, a father of a very focused academic and athletically high achieving son, a Jiu Jitsu black belt since 2009, and successful in my career while maintaining another business on the side. I’ve not only coached 100’s of athletes, but I’ve mentored others to become coaches who have taken the baton and run with it further than I may ever do. 

I’ve spent over 26 years in sobriety and previous to this work, a decade in therapy. Frankly, I’ve built a perfect life for myself, while successfully breaking generational chains of dysfunction along the way.


As I just rattled off my life’s “resume” I want to be clear that I am not bragging. That is not the purpose of sharing this part of me. My hope is that someone else who is seeking guidance will find credence in my words. 


Quite literally, if I can do it YOU can do it!


Despite the work I’ve done and the things I’ve accomplished, I found myself COMPLETELY lost these last few years. When the world stopped I could no longer outrun, outgame, outwit, or outsmart what was going on between my own two ears. Turns out you can’t bury trauma. 

Even though I’d done great work I’ve now discovered that trauma and fear hide out doing push-ups, waiting for their chance to surface. 

Add that to the potential financial devastation due to the betrayal of someone I Loved and trusted, 

I found myself on a raft in the middle of the ocean with no compass, sail, or wind. 


Through focused sessions with Andrew, I’m being trained to approach these places within me where a lifetime of pain manifests itself. 

Practicing with rigorous honesty we have vacuumed corners of my house that I didn’t even know existed. 

I’ve never had any issue being kind to others, but I’ve spent a lifetime flogging myself. 

I’ve (re)learned how to be kind to myself, which in turn helps me Love more. 

My feet are again firmly on the path to discovering the greatest version of Me. 


The best part of this is that I can tell you exactly where we started, where we are now, and precisely how we got to this very moment of real Love and gratitude. 


If your soul is lacking nourishment Andrew has measured practices to condition healthiness. 

He is truly enthusiastic about your well-being from a very integral place. 

I just went through the most horrendous time of my life, and can now authentically say that it was the greatest gift the universe has bestowed upon me in a very long time. 

It brought me to this moment. 


In a world hyper-focused on the external, we can all use a coach who can help us explore our internal self, (re)building our core foundation, and expanding from it.

Neil Prem.jpg

Dr Neil Prem D.Min

Founder & CEO The Centre For Prayer and Innovaton

I came to coaching stuck and confused. I had a big dream which I wanted to make real but something was constantly holding me back. In just a few sessions, I found an inner calm and confidence that hadn't been there for over 20 years. As a result I've got unstuck and am taking massive daily action towards my dream. As a bonus I've effortlessly stopped eating junk food!

WhatsApp Image 2024-03-27 at 2.06.43 AM.jpeg

Alix Spurway

Arch Druidess - The Order of the Stone, Stonehenge
Scribe - The Druids Order of Avebury
Peace Druidess (Avebury/Stonehenge)
European Order of Peace, Bards & Poets 
Secretary - Truth & Reconciliation Commission, Stonehenge

What a privilege and a blessing it is to have such a serendipitous opportunity to train with Andrew Marshall.  
During our sessions, Andrew has shared the Methods & Philosophies of Accelerated  Evolution techniques, guiding me through these techniques with such a calm and open presence always with the point of clarity. Each session came away feeling inspired, energized, and a vision going forward, equipped to support myself and others in Service.  
Andrew is very much in touch with his Celtic heritage, and his support in the work we do, reaches across the Globe and into our Celtic communities here in the UK and Europe.  
Andrew has been invaluable in guiding me through the Accelerated Evolution Philosophy & Practice and is now a part of my practice in all things.  
Always in Gratitude, highly recommend.


Dan Sullivan

Financial Advisor, Triathlete, Father

Andrew Marshall expertly held space for me to accomplish my inner work in my own way, while also guiding me through, over and around obstacles that presented themselves on my journey.
I experienced results in my work with Andrew very quickly  -  after only 2 sessions I had completed my goals for the entire 10-session program, which was to write a plan for how I wanted to live my year of being 60 years old. Beyond that, we continued to meet and he supported me as I executed the plan, which included, among many other big things, preparing myself for and completing an Ironman triathlon that I had dreamt about doing since I was 20, forty years ago!
I selected Andrew to coach me after meeting him in an Accelerated Evolution workshop in Vancouver at the home of his mentor and mine, Satyen Raja. I had been impressed with the way he embodies the values he espouses for people to build and live their lives with intentionality, courage, physicality, consistency and a good sense of humor and pleasure. 
I recommend Andrew enthusiastically and without reservation. He is one of the people who has been essential to me in creating the life I live.

Kody Hammond.jpeg

Kody Hammond

Parts salesman at Pacific Golf & Turf
Professional MMA Fighter & Jiu-jitsu Brown belt.

I can't even begin to tell you how amazing it has been to have Andrew in my corner as a mentor, coach, and great friend. 

Before working with him, I was having old trauma issues, a lack of confidence I never had before, and always just emotionally beating myself up. 

In the time that I've spent with him, I have seen myself drastically improving all that.

I've regained my confidence really understand my value and have become a better man. I truly can't thank him enough for the time and passion he puts into these sessions with me. 

WhatsApp Image 2024-03-30 at 6.13.08 AM.jpeg

Shannon Matson

Mother, Community Organizer, Hawai’i County Council Legislative Assistant, Yoga Instructor, and Small Business Owner

During a time of extreme trauma, immediately after the unexpected loss of my father, Andrew provided support in a way that was exactly what I needed in that moment and in the coming months. His welcoming and calm demeanor helped create an opportunity for me to truly feel and process the overwhelming emotions I had been bombarded with, while still very much in a state of shock and grief, in a completely safe and supported way. His ability to be compassionate and grounded as he provided guided exercises, was therapeutic and empowering. Most of all he is an incredible listener and I really appreciate his follow-through. I have recommended his services to numerous friends and family similarly grieving or moving through large life changes and will continue to do so, as I am so grateful for the benefits I have received in doing this work.

Anthony Marquez.jpeg

Anthony Marquez

Veteran, Husband, Father

Working with Andrew was an absolutely amazing experience. Such a supportive and nonjudgmental environment. 
He helped me in so many ways from my self esteem, to being a better father and husband, to my work life. I highly recommend Andrew to anyone who wants to better their life in any way. 

WhatsApp Image 2024-05-29 at 10.37.17 PM.jpeg

Rajie Kabli

Transformational Coach
Founder, WholeHearted Media

There are certain people who cross your path in life at exactly the right moment. If you're not paying attention or are too afraid to take the leap with them, you might miss a great opportunity to propel and elevate yourself on your journey. That's what happened to me with Andrew's safe, grounded, and kind approach. As a mission-oriented individual, my work is incredibly important to me, but I had emotional blocks that prevented me from fully living my potential.

Our sessions were perfectly tailored to my needs, and most importantly, he provided a secure space for me to reach new depths within myself. This allowed me to heal and integrate past traumas, suppressed emotions, and unacknowledged desires. Within six weeks of working together and having the emotional support I needed, I launched my podcast on Spotify (Awake & Aware), had relationship-defining conversations with two major authority figures in my life, organized and led a brand-new workshop, and regained balance within myself. I was grateful to have Andrew in my corner as I emerged into the next version of myself and experienced what it was to be seen and heard.  

Sgt Klye Hefley.png

Sergeant Kyle Hefley

Portland Police Department

I have been training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for over a decade. In that time I have had the honor to receive instruction from BJJ world champions, ADCC champions, and UFC veterans.

Recently I had the opportunity to complete several private training sessions with Professor Andrew Marshall.


I purposely sought out Professor Marshall due to his reputation as one of the best coaches in the Northwest.

My training with Professor Marshall exceeded my expectations. I can say without a doubt that he is one of the finest professors I have had the opportunity to learn from. Prior to beginning our training together I provided Professor Marshall with the techniques I wanted to sharpen. Professor Marshall gave me numerous basic and advanced techniques from each position. I was able to implement everything that Professor Marshall and I worked on immediately during live training with great success.


In addition to being an excellent Jiu-Jitsu instructor and practitioner, Professor Marshall is an even better person in my opinion. His positive outlook on life and his genuine care for his students is very apparent. Professor Marshall has my highest recommendation for his Jiu-Jitsu instruction as well as the other coaching services he offers.

image0 (3).jpeg

Gary Westly

Enrichment Program Coordinator
Youth Coach
MMA Fighter

Over the last few years, I have received Accelerated Evolution services from Andrew in preparation for nearly all of my MMA fights, and for healing from childhood trauma. 

The impact of our sessions on my performance has been much more than I expected, as I was able to integrate my emotions and channel said emotions to my in-cage decision-making and performance. 

My thoughts and actions were calm and collected. 

I felt all those negative emotions were a part of me and unified for the purpose of a better performance. Our sessions have impacted my personal relationships and work performance, as well. Without receiving services from Andrew, I would not be the martial artist and person I am today.


Paul Georgeson

Project Engineer- Mehrer Drywall, Inc.

I don't know that I've ever truly felt my feelings before working with Andrew. Over the course of 3 months, he guided me in exploring layer after layer I didn't know I had.  Now I feel freed up to pursue all the best things life has to offer and most importantly, I'm starting to feel worthy of them.  I feel like I deserve the best in life just as everyone else does.  This experience has truly transformed how I see the world.  Thanks, Andrew!

Dr. Zachary Cullen DC.jpeg

Dr. Zachary Cullen DC

Movement Based Medicine Specialist

Andrew Marshall is a true master of his craft.

As a doctor who values developing systems of treatment geared towards empowering patients in cultivating an understanding of how to take ownership of healing their pain, I see many parallels with Andrew's approach in regard to spiritual growth and personal development. 

Receiving guidance from Andrew was a sincere, collaborative, transformative, and remedial experience to say the least. 

My journey's intentions lied in the pursuit of strengthening my leadership skills, organizational skills, patient communication, professionalism, and emotional fortitude to aid in my effectiveness of being more available to support the loved ones in my life. 

All of these intentions were achieved but not through the path I was expecting. Andrew works to guide you deep within yourself to understand better the root causes of the struggles that manifest in your life. This acted as a foundation for me to create a system of perspective that allowed for my intentions to come to fruition. 

I highly recommend that anyone who desires revolutionary personal development invest in themselves and work with this man!


Jim Seymour

Astrologer & Advisor at Starduster Services

Over the past few years, I've received numerous one-on-one coaching sessions with Andrew Marshall. Every time, I've been profoundly benefited, not only by his genuine and compassionate presence, but the highly effective methods with which he can address any life situation.  I'm always impressed by the humility Andrew embodies as he shares his mastery, thus empowering me with great clarity and confidence for my journey. Because he is dedicated to his own inner work- Andrew actually walks his talk- which is truly rare in today's world. In short, I highly recommend him without reservation. 

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