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Embodied Brotherhood

Uplifting men to their greatest potential

The Embodied Brotherhood is a men’s group and program that is meant to serve men in experiencing their full potential through healing and integration work, embodiment exercises, and spiritual awakening.

We are stronger together, and the more we have strong and open-hearted men coming together to free themselves from the struggles that hold them back, and awakening to the truth of who they are, the better this world will be for all of us.

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You are the freedom, love, and aliveness that you seek.

Want to experience what that truly means?

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Schedule a call to connect and see if the Embodied Brotherhood is the right community to help you experience the full potential for yourself and for your life.


There is no monetary cost to joining the Embodied Brotherhood.

What is required is your commitment to your full presence and participation. We meet on Zoom for a 2 hour group session each month.

Each month you will be partnered with another brother to meet for an Embodiment. Call once a week.


You are responsible to show up fully for the success and fulfillment of your life, and for the upliftment of your fellow brothers.

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