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Andrew Marshall
Certified Accelerated Evolution Master Coach & Trainer

Brazillian Jiu Jitsu Professor

Professor Andrew is a Jiu Jitsu Black Belt and Accelerated Evolution Master Coach. He brings the depth of discernment cultivated from his multiple training disciplines into his every day life and coaching methodology. Through the integration of universal timeless principles and modern cutting edge methods, Professor Andrew coaches impact driven leaders to what it truly means to Embody Peak Performance and Transcendent Leadership.

If you need support and guidance in your next stage of personal and professional development, reach out and connect with Andrew to learn how he can serve you in your most profound growth and evolution.

Are you ready to experience big breakthroughs and changes in your life?

Live your life with greater freedom, strength,
health & success.

Awaken to your greatest potential.

Three Phases of Accelerated Evolution

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Healing & Integration

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Goal Attainment

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Spiritual Evolution

The Accelerated Evolution Methods are an integrated set of verbally guided transformative experiences that allow anybody to dissolve inner conflict, emotional knots and stored trauma, allowing the natural emergence of peace of mind, flow, and effortless peak existence.



Satyen Raja, Founder &CEO WarriorSage.jpg

Satyen Raja, Founder & CEO of WarriorSage, Author of Transcendent CEO

Andrew Marshall is an extraordinary coach and guide... I consider Andrew one of the most genuine, skillful, and integral coaches I’ve ever had the honour to work with."

Neil Prem.jpg

Dr Neil Prem D.Min, Founder & CEO The Centre For Prayer and Innovaton

I came to coaching stuck and confused. I had a big dream which I wanted to make real but something was constantly holding me back. In just a few sessions, I found an inner calm and confidence that hasn't been there for over 20 years. As a result I've got unstuck and am taking massive daily action towards my dream. As a bonus I've effortlessly stopped eating junk food!

Cole MacCara_edited_edited.jpg

Cole MacCara, Owner at ColeMacFitness

Through just 5 weeks and five 90 minute sessions with you, I was able to go from feeling stuck, depressed, insecure, and anxious about myself, my recent health diagnosis, and what I was doing with my life. To starting a new chapter in life with starting my own business, and feeling empowered, healthy, strong, and proud of who I am and what I have to offer to the world. Thank you so much for what you do!

Shanti Ryan.jpg

Shahnti Ryan, Personal Trainer & Yoga Teacher

The 5 coaching sessions I received from Andrew Marshal in the last two months were absolutely life changing. Two months ago, I felt lost and confused. I felt called to harness my natural gifts and move my life in the right direction, but needed help sifting through the static that my fears were projecting so I could clearly listen to my intuition and confidently course correct my career. During every coaching session, Andrew masterfully crafted a loving container that supported profound personal growth and provided a safe space that ensured powerful choices could naturally flourish. I may have started my coaching sessions lost and confused but emerged on the other side deeply grounded in confidence. With the help Andrew provided, I now know the exact direction my life is traveling and the precise steps I will take in order to secure the future I was born to create. 

James Freeman, President PIR-a Corp..jpg

James Freeman, Environmental Consultant & Entrepreneuur

Andrew and I have worked together for a number of sessions. Immediately I felt a strong resonance with him- I appreciate how he is not only able to conduct valuable processes to dissolve my barriers, but that he is also open to sharing the relevance of the issues that we are discussing as it pertains to his own life. For me, being able to relate to him and the efforts that he has applied to his business, relationships and spirituality makes it more personal, more real, and allows me to go deeper and further than I would otherwise.

Thank you for your message, I look forward to connecting with you.

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